Camping 2012

Two weeks ago we went on a big camping trip with our rodeo family.  I was nervous about the excursion.  I’ve become a softie in my old age.  I’ve become quite partial to daily showers and that squeaky clean feeling.  I’m not big on being one with the dirt for an extended period of time (more than 24 hours).

To relieve my nerves AND to accommodate one cowboy, who shall remain unidentified to protect his rouge masculine character, we booked one motel room to house the cowboy and provide a shower for any member of the camping party who so desired to feel “fresh”. (It was A-MAZING!)

We looked like we had a little village.

Three tents and the camper.

It was pure relaxation. 

We had no concept of time with the exception of when the rodeo began each night.  We woke up when we wanted.

Tuck and I were the first one’s up.  We woke up to Jason building his campfire.


Jason and Mandy made a spectacular feast for breakfast.

I was completely in awe of this whole process.

We all know how much I love to cook and I can say that I’m fairly handy in the kitchen, but this camp cooking business was a whole new ball of wax for me.  I sat and took it all in.





Coffee.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of coffee was consumed that morning.  Just a little side note…if you’ve never tried percolated coffee, you need to.  It’s not half bad.

It was insane.  I ate to my heart’s content.  (Calories were of no consideration this weekend.)

The kids played football.

Colored in coloring books.

Dug holes they could have been buried in.

Ate junk food all day.  If you’ve never tried a banana boat you are MISSING OUT!!!  These things are RIDICULOUS!!!

And just genuinely loved each other’s company.

Our purpose in this trip was to watch the team rodeo as a family.  Be that as it may…this was the ONLY picture I got of the guys doing anything rodeo related.

It was too dark and I don’t have one of those fancy flashes.

That’s okay.  This stuff was entertaining enough.

We had so much fun.  I really hope this can become an annual adventure!!!


Peace, love and white rabbits!


One thought on “Camping 2012

  1. we went trail riding in Stillwater last weekend, and I am pretty sure I ate better breakfast there at our campsite than I eat at home! We had sausage, and biscuits and gravy one morning and eggs, toast, hashbrowns the other morning. All from a little stove and oven in the living quarters horse trailer and the campfire. LOL

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