Spit Fire Angel

Most of the time this is the Miss Monkey that we see.

Attitude, spunk and sass.  Never afraid to tell her Daddy, “NO!” if she doesn’t want his affections.  Willing to stand up for herself and give her brothers a good “what for” if she thinks they deserve it.  And certainly as independent as they come.  She’s even been profiled as being a possible bank robber and hit man for the mafia… (Thanks Aunt Margo.  Wink, wink.)

But beneath all that tough girl exterior is the Miss Monkey that I know and love.

This is the little sweetheart that bear hugs bigger than a grizzly, gives kisses as sweet as candy, holds her brother’s hand in the car all the way to town just because she loves him, begs for one last “nigh-nigh” kiss before you shut the door to her room, hugs Mommy’s arm at the supper table giving the sweet sigh of love, squeals with delight when she loves on her dogs and RUNS to her BFF, Lola, and squeezes her with a tight hug.

She loves from her whole heart and with everything she’s got.  THAT’S the sweet little spit fire that I know. 

I’m confident that she will grow into a young lady who will love passionately with all of her being while not compromising her integrity and self-worth.  She’ll hold her own in this crazy world and do it all with class.

…at least, that’s my prayer for her.



Peace, love and sweet spunk.


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