The Naughty Chair

Yesterday… I needed a serious time out.

I needed some time in the corner in the naughty chair.

My attitude just stunk and I knew it.

I hate days like that when you KNOW you’re really off kilter, but no matter how hard you try nothing seems to get you out of the funk.

It started with the fact that I decided to straighten my hair.  I don’t do it often. 

It’s just a time-consuming pain and with my “down-to-the-minute” schedule I usually don’t like to try to try to find the extra 30 minutes it requires to do this.  Sometimes I like it, but yesterday was a little muggy and damp resulting in uneven waves in random places.  I just didn’t feel “pretty”.  Then add to that an “overly honest” opinion from a guy friend about the do and I was just done with it.

Then… it was my clothing choice for the day that was put under the microscope….khaki skinnies, brown knee-high boots, chunky brown belt and a navy/white polka dolt peek-a-boo sleeve top.  I thought I looked pretty cute.  Said friend above AND my husband both thought I looked like I should be part of the Equestrian riding team.  It wasn’t particularly an insult in my opinion, but evidently neither of them liked the get-up.  I just couldn’t win for losing on anything having to do with my appearance.

So, what was my remedy for my bad mood?

A time out in the bathroom with a bottle of hair dye and then a date with the remote and Parenthood.

That show ALWAYS puts things back into perspective for me.

I’m in a MUCH better mood today and am back to the curls with a renewed color.



Peace, love and attitude adjustments!


2 thoughts on “The Naughty Chair

  1. You look so beautiful in your pic, Lish. The waves make the style look very natural and pretty…and I’m sure your outfit was adorable. What do those dumb men know anyway?

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