The Patch

Oh, what a fun and busy weekend.

ALL of Tucker’s sports ended this weekend, flag football ended with the boys playing at half-time of the high school game and the last soccer game of the fall season was played Saturday morning. 

I LOVE that Tucker is so involved in sports, but I’m going to fully admit that I’m thankful for a little breather in the schedule.

I had every intention of making my White Girl Enchiladas Saturday night, but my pork butt wasn’t even close to being done by supper time so… having been blessed with a girft card for an age old deed done from a sweet couple in town to a local spot we took the family out for a date.  It was great to get out together for no reason whatsoever.

Sunday we ventured south to have lunch with Nana, Papa and Great-Grandma and Great-GrandPaul. 

It was a fun afternoon.  Tucker and I went hedge ball hunting.  We were QUITE successful. The kids got to ride on the Mule (motorized version) with Nana.  Papa repaired my favorite kicks and we FEASTED.  We left miserably FULL but with fun in our hearts.

On our way home we stopped at the local pumpkin patch to get the kids their carving pumpkins. 

I don’t know what it is about pumpkin patches, but they just make me HAPPY! 

The sunflower patch was kind of sad.  We’ve had two night of really hard frosts and these lovelies sadly hung their heads toward the ground.

I love all the varieties and colors and shapes and sizes of the pumpkins in the patch.  If it were up to me I’d take ALL of them home.

This one was my favorite!  It came to live with us for a while.

I have such a great time watching the kids pick the PERFECT pumpkin.

Tuck is like his momma and thinks every one is the perfect one.  He had a hard time picking.

Grady told Ella that she couldn’t get one unless she could carry it. (He’s such a stinker.)  By gosh, she found one she could haul to the cart.

We are officially ready to carve a pumpkin tomorrow night.  I can’t wait!

Peace, love and punkin’ fun!


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