The Calm

Our big trip is only a couple days away. 

This year I feel less organized and prepared than I ever have before and this will mark year number 5.  You’d think I’d have it down by now.

I spent the weekend cleaning the house, working on laundry, cleaning out the car for someone else to drive, getting the necessitites gathered and making sure the family is healthy and in tip top shape. 

I “think” I’ve been successful.  My closet now has a “travel section”, the laundry is almost done, the house is about as clean as it can be with a six-year-old and (almost) two-year-old, the car is (fairly) clean and ailments are on the mend.

I’m just a nervous traveler.  I always have those pre-travel jitters, worried that I’ve forgotten something major.  I don’t want my kids to get bored or hungry so I usually pack more snacks and “fun” than needed.  Grady always reassures me that Target and Wal-Mart are only minutes from the hotel if we did forget something.

In the midst of all the preparing I looked out the window yesterday morning and saw yet another beautiful sunrise.  I documented them all week on Instagram.  They’ve been spectacular.

It made me slow down, even if for just a few minutes, and enjoy my life.  Things like this always bring a calm over my soul.  I grabbed the camera, ran out to the field behind the house and started snapping away.  I came back in, poured my cup of joe, turned on my weekend Good Morning America and walked back to the window only to see that it had all gone.  The clouds had parted and the sky was it’s typical shade of morning blue. 

This year I vow to enjoy my trip, enjoy the PREPARATION for the trip and take each moment as it comes, enjoy the beauty of it all because in the grand scheme of things it only lasts for a second.  I want to remember it all with fondness and not stress.



Peace, love and treasures.


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