Uninspired…sort of

I miss you.

I’ve been REALLY bad about posting.  I’ll be honest in saying that I’ve thought about it everyday, but felt like something else needed my attention more.  Sometimes life is just like that.  The things we WANT to do get trumped for the things we NEED to do.

In fact…. I haven’t even downloaded my pictures from Amarillo off the big camera.  That is VERY uncharacteristic of me.  Maybe this weekend.


We’ve all recovered from the stomach flu.  THANKFULLY. 

We ALL ended up with it.  UNFORTUNATELY.

Now, I feel like we’re battling head and chest colds.


Ella has graduated to a big girl bed.

It was time. 

While at Nana and Papa’s we discovered that she could crawl out of the pack-n-play.  If she could crawl out of that I could imagine her crawling out of her crib and crashing to the ground.  Not a fun thought.

This week has the been the Big Girl Bed initiation.  So far so good, that is until last night.  She threw a slight tantrum because she wasn’t quite ready for bed.  She had to work it out on her own.  I know, mean Momma, making her cry it out.  …and then this morning she fell out of the bed with a big thud.  Tears were easily healed with a little Mickey Mouse in Momma’s bed.


My house is officially pumpkin free.  I cleaned it top to bottom.  I vowed it would be “holiday free” for one week.  I have to give myself a break.  I love the holidays, but I have to have a little separation.  I feel like the world rushes into each one so fast with no time to adjust or BREATHE.  My rule is that it has to be December before the Christmas decor comes out.  This weekend the kids and I will deck the halls.

So, I think that’s about it.  Not much of interest.  Just regular life and such.

Maybe I’ll be more inspired this weekend.

Peace, love and ho-hum!!!


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