I have to share some seriously cute moments from the past month.

12-2-12 116 copy

Recently, Miss Monkey has been somewhat of a Momma’s girl.  It’s just a phase, but a strong one at this point in time.  When we were in Amarillo we discovered that she has an INSANE love for the water.  She and her daddy bonded as she leapt to his safety over and over and over and over and over and over and over and….  you get my drift. 

There is just nothing sweeter than the love between a little girl and her daddy.  There just aren’t words for what this does to my heart.

12-2-12 131 copy

At Thanksgiving Ella met her cousin, Charlie, for the first time.  It was, clearly, love at first sight.  She couldn’t get enough of lovin’ of him.

12-2-12 132 copy

Tucker is still smitten.  While I was working on the feast I missed Tucker entertaining the Bean, making him giggle and smile.  Kids have a great knack for making babies happy.  Tucker sure is great at it.

12-2-12 123 copy

Nana and her grandkids.  We’re just missing Cade.

Ella’s at a stage in life where she has to warm up to people before she really gives them much attention.  I was SOOO overjoyed to see her loving on her Great GrandPaul and Great Grandma.

12-2-12 148 copy12-2-12 145 copy


**heart melting**

She was so incredibly sweet with both of them.  She wanted their full attention and I’m pretty sure they were more than happy to give it to her.

It’s so much fun as a parent to watch all the stages your kids go through, especially the ones that make you bust out in laughter and the ones that make your heart swell with pride.

My kids are far from perfect and have so many moments that make me want to pull my hair out, but on any given day those moments are so heavily outweighed by the heartwarming ones.

I kinda dig this parenting thing.

It’s pretty rad.

(Yep, just dated myself with the word RAD.  Nope, don’t care.)


Peace, love and sweet peas!!!!


One thought on “Cuteness

  1. All of the pics are so cute but especially the one with the peanut kissing her great grandma. That pic is so precious……………………

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