Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. 

Why does it seem to go some much quicker the older we get?

I’m still recovering from the holiday buzz and rush.

I’ve been editing Christmas photos this afternoon so I can, hopefully, share them with you soon.


We celebrated quietly at home with a long-overdue and sweet visit with our “somewhat new” neighbors, a couple of beers and an early bedtime.


I don’t really do resolutions because I think we just set ourselves up for epic failure with over-zealous promises that we try to make to ourselves and then feel even more “pathetic” when we realize that we didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t do what we set out to do.

Instead, I try to think of things that I’d like to REALISTICALLY continue or improve upon.

1. I want to continue with my health plan and strive to become the healthiest me I can. 

2. We’ve implemented a few new financial goals and I want to work on keeping those goals at our forefront. 

3. I want to nurture the relationships that bring me joy and lift me up and work on recognizing and weeding out the toxic ones.

4. I want to work on having more patience with my kids.

5. I want to spend more time reading and less time fretting over the little things.

6. I want to get outside and exercise more often.

7. I want to have a monthly date night with Grady.

8. Finally, I want to blog more often. 🙂

I hope I remember to look back on this list throughout the year and see how I’m/we’re doing.

I hope that you are looking toward a prosperous and fulfilling new year.



Peace, love and new beginnings.


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