What I Wore and… What Do I Wear????

Here’s another “What I Wore” day. 

Yesterday was a bitterly cold day in Kansas.  We got snow on New Year’s Eve and it’s been cold enough that it’s still hanging around.  I love to be cozy and am finding that I have a love affair with leggings and fun dresses.

What I wore 1-2-13 1 copy

Dress: Boutique vendor at the WRCA trade show

Leggings: JC Penny

Boots: Christmas gift, Ariats

Necklace and chunky pearl bracelet: Maurices

Red Bracelet: Amazon.com

Now… I need your help.  Grady and I get to take a business/some fun trip next month to sunny Tampa, Florida.  I’ve never been to Florida so I’m sure I’m in for a surprise with the weather change from a bitter Midwestern winter to the Southern sun.  I have a bit of a dilemma… I have NO idea what to wear in Tampa in February.  Do I wear shorts?  Do I wear capris? Do I wear jeans?  Is a maxi dress and sandals too little?  Do I need a jacket?  Can I wear shorts and a long sleeve T?  Is a scarf too much?  Do I even bother with the dreaded… bathing suit (AGHHHH!!!!)?  Add to all of that I have NO IDEA what Florida fashion is like…  I tend to overpack as it is and not knowing what to expect in regard to weather and fashion is really throwing me for a loop.

Can ANYONE give me some advice?  I’d LOVE to hear it.



Peace, love and cozy dresses!!!


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