Awe Struck Inspiration

Winter is always a time that I lack photography mojo.  I’m motivated by bright, vibrant color. I always have my eye open for bright snowy days with pops of contrasting colors.  This dry and grey midwest winter just hasn’t provided any of that.  

Friday night the cloudy moving in of a cold front lent to one of the most spectacularly vibrant sunsets I’ve seen since the Fall.  I was in HEAVEN.  Grady was picking up the kids so I could take all the time I needed to stop and shoot the changing colors.

1-12-13 011 copy

The road home.

I’m such a lucky girl!

1-12-13 015 copy

1-12-13 021 copy

I love these reminders from above that even though the world may seem cold and dreary and lifeless at moments there are glints of beauty and promises of renewal at even the most unexpected times.



Peace, love and GLORY!


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