Unseasonal Warmth

This weekend was the perfect weekend at home.

Unseasonably warm and ridiculously relaxing.

The kids and I didn’t leave the house once this weekend.

It was bliss.

I had the house cleaned and laundry 80% complete before noon on Saturday. (That NEVER happens!)

After nap time we put on jackets and headed outdoors.

1-18-13 091 copy

The static in Ella’s hair was INSANE!  I was laughing the whole time.

1-18-13 095 copy

1-18-13 097 copy

1-18-13 058 copy

1-18-13 076 copy

1-18-13 065 copy

1-18-13 082 copy

Makes me giggle!

1-18-13 105 copy

She was being dramatic. “Hep me, Momma, HEP ME!”  Goofy girl.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect afternoon to be OUTSIDE.

And… now it’s Monday and another work week.  I hope it’s good to me.



Peace, love and electricity!!!


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