Home Sweet Home

We’re sitting in the Tampa airport waiting to board our plane.  It’s been a wonderfully warm and sunny break from the Midwest (mild) winter. 

I ate a ridiculous amount of delectable food.  I paid no attention to calories for three days.  I’ll admit that while my taste buds loved the indulgence my digestive system wasn’t nearly as thrilled.  I’m ready to get back to my usual routine and recipes.

Our exciting beach excursion was cut short by a rain storm.  But… our goals of getting in the ocean, digging our toes in the sand and finding Tucker sea shells were achieved. 

The rain made a good excuse for our group to go to a local bar and grill and enjoy good drinks, appetizers and great belly laughs.

Our biggest bit of excitement was our cab ride back to our hotel last night when our barely out of school cabby turned onto an on ramp and promptly did a 180 on the rain slick road and landed us in the ditch.  Aside from some serious excitement for a few minutes, all was well.  The poor kid was so nervous that we were going to turn him in.  Grady, personally, thought it was GREAT.  I comforted the poor guy several times.  When we got out at our hotel we looked at his tires and immediately knew that the accident wasn’t all his fault.  His tires were as bald as a bald could be.  We tapped on his window and told him. Just as I suspected that he had NO idea what his tires looked like.

Now, I’m ready to be home hugging my kiddos and relaxing.  Vacation is always lovely, but going home is sometimes the best part.

More pics will come soon.

Peace, love and Florida sun!


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