Road Trip

I’ve had kind of an interesting week.  Friday evening Grady asked if I’d go to South Dakota with him on Tuesday.  I chuckled and thought he was half joking.  Turned out he wasn’t.  How could I say no?

I LOVE road trips!

I’d never been there.

I’d never been north of Nebraska.

I had the time off to take.

He would have been travelling by himself which is UN-acceptable.

It was the PERFECT opportunity for some good US time.

I was IN!!

We left around noon on Tuesday, and drove 6 hours to get there.

DSC_0004 copy

Part of the trip was on a small two lane highway through Nebraska.  We got stuck behind this slow truck who was stuck behind 3 other SLOW trucks.

DSC_0015 copy

We saw some strange things along the way.  It looked like a mini Washington Monument.

DSC_0040 copy

We finally made it to South Dakota.  We dropped off the equipment we hauled to be worked on.  Got our hotel room.  Got a bite to eat at Texas Roadhouse where I got CARDED for my margarita.  YES!!!!!! (I thanked the waitress PROFUSELY!) Went back to the hotel and sat in the hot tub for exactly ten minutes before we were sweating to death and then went back to our room and crashed.  We got up the next morning, ate a complimentary continental breakfast and checked out of our room.

DSC_0030 copy

We drove 28 miles to Minnesota just say we’d been there.

DSC_0031 copy

We realized Luverne was the coldest place on Earth and promptly left. (15° at 10 am is NOT my idea of cozy.) We came back to Sioux Falls, walked through the local mall trying to find a South Dakota t-shirt for Tucker and failed miserably.

DSC_0025 copy

In all of our driving we were laughing at the ridiculous number of “casinos” all over this part of the country.  I think the only other place with casinos closer together than in Sioux Falls is Las Vegas.  There was one on every block if not two or three on each block.  There was a casino IN the Old Chicago down the street from our hotel.

After our failed t-shirt hunt we drove across the street to the local Chili’s and ate WAY TOO MUCH before a 6 hour drive.  We went back to the business where we dropped off the equipment.  We waited patiently for about an hour for them to finish (I got some reading done and a short siesta.) and then got back on the road to head south.  We stopped in Council Bluffs, IA, at Bass Pro Shop to find a t-shirt for Tucker.  We were finally successful.  We hopped back on the highway and arrived safely at my FIL’s house at 9:30 pm to pick the kids up, and then drove the 5 miles home.  We tucked everyone into bed and slept like babies.

Then it was up with the roosters this morning for life as usual.

I’m tired.

I think I’m getting old.  That whirlwind trip wore me OUT.

…but I’d do it again tomorrow if I could.

I love road trips.  Even more… I love road trips with my husband.  Good company can make even the most mundane of times a good one.

Now, it’s time to prepare for a full weekend of fun with friends!!

(Photo disclaimer… ALL photos were taken from within the warmth of the pickup.  It was TOO COLD to get out!!!  Yes, I’m DONE with winter.)


Peace, love and road trips!!!!




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