Good Question, Tori!!!

My fellow ranch rodeo wife and new friend, Tori, from The Smith Scoop, asked me a really great question regarding my Favorites post the other day.

“Thanks for these great recipes. I intend to try them all! One question……is your hubby down with your healthy, not normal ole meat and taters eating? Just curious. I have lots of work to do with my hubby!”


The answer to that is yes and no.  He LOVES that I’m eating healthy and am in a much better place than I was a year ago.  He is definitely your traditional “corn fed” Kansas boy who LOVES his meat and potatoes, but I got really lucky with him.  He has a really diverse palette and is willing to try just about anything.

The truth of the matter is that I don’t typically make my family eat what I eat.  They don’t need to be on the lower calorie diet that I’m on.  They NEED the fully loaded versions since they’re growing kiddos and a very physically active husband.  That doesn’t mean that I cook “un-healthfully” for them, but I use ground beef, potatoes, pasta, cheese and other things that I really limit myself on.  And..I’m not sure if Grady would get full on the portions that I eat.  If I come across a recipe that seems like something they’d all like AND fits nicely into my calorie limit for the day then I go ahead and feed everyone the same thing.

Now, I have a funny story about this exact thing.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for lemon roasted chicken breasts with potatoes and fresh green beans.  I thought it’d be something that they may like.  Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  While lemon and chicken go very well together, potatoes and lemon DO NOT go well together.  Not at all.  They all gobbled up the chicken and left the potatoes and green beans on their plates.  Grady looked at me laughing and said, “If you want me to lose a few pounds then keep cooking stuff like this…”  I had to laugh.


On average, I make myself a meal separate from the family.

I do like for them to try some of the new things that I make for the sake of experience.  Tucker is finicky with vegetables so I really like him to sample these things to try to broaden his horizons and starting Ella out early on the unique stuff will hopefully make her an open-minded eater.

I will say this for my meat and potatoes man.  He actually likes more vegetables than I do.  He has always loved broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussell sprouts, and cooked carrots.  Over my lifetime, I’ve become a lover of most of these, but I’m still not a fan of cooked/steamed carrots and brussell sprouts and I are becoming better friends.  We’re working on our relationship.

As for the recipes I shared on Favorites, Grady loves the Cilantro Lime Dressing. He tried the frosting shot and didn’t turn his nose up, but he’s not the sweets eater that I am.  He loves avocadoes, but he doesn’t love them on EVERYTHING quite like I do, so the breakfast with avocado, eggs and tortillas isn’t quite his thing.  And…since it was crazy cold on Sunday I didn’t make the Southwest quinoa salad.  Maybe this weekend.

I hope that helps anyone out who might be feeling torn between a more healthful/lower calorie diet with “weird” things in it and feeding their family a meal that is more “normal”.  If your family has a really adventurous sense for food then go for it, but don’t feel bad if you resort to making two meals.  It’s about what works for YOU.

Thanks, Tori!


Peace, love and freaky food!!!!




2 thoughts on “Good Question, Tori!!!

  1. Love this post. Thanks for the info. Riley is a great veggie eater. My kids are becoming more and more picky. They love ground beef and beans and rice more than anything in this world. Oh and tortillas and honey.

    I rarely cook chicken. We all like it ok, it just isn’t what our freezer is stocked with. Funniest thing ever….I also made the chicken, potatoes, green beans, lemon recipe. It looks so good and is so nasty. lol

    • LOL! Too funny that you made the same thing!!! It really was AWFUL and I try so hard NOT say that about food.

      We’re like you and have a deep freezer packed FULL of beef. I keep chicken and shrimp readily on hand for myself and occasionally cook it for the family. I can justify the expense if I’m the only one eating it.

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