Who’s Idea Was This?!


Who’s bright idea was it to make “Daylight Savings Time”?  I have a bone to pick with them.  This bologna is rocking my world like no other!

Whoever thought this was a good idea obviously did NOT have a first grader and a toddler.  Trying to get these two out of bed this week has been like trying to NOT eat the last cookie.  IM-POSS-I-BLE!!!!!  And… I can’t blame them.  It feels like their waking up at 5:15 in the morning.  So, you can only imagine how it must feel for me getting out of bed at what would “normally” be 4:20.  UGH!!!!

It’s so bad that for the last two mornings I have FORGOTTEN to shave my armpits.  I’m serious.  No joke.  I get out of the shower, put the deodorant on and BOOM, I see the telltale sign of my forgetfulness.  My only saving grace is that I have the world’s SLOWEST growing hair.  This is what happens when you’re so stinking tired you’re practically asleep in the shower.

Here’s the kicker of it all.  I can’t seem to get myself to go to bed any earlier.  BECAUSE. IT. FEELS. LIKE. IT’S. TOO. EARLY.

I swear this time change thing is for the birds.  Where do I go to boycott it?



Peace, love and sleep deprivation!!!!


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