Nine and Counting

Nine years ago today I woke up knowing one thing.

I was going to marry the man of my dreams… my best friend.  I only knew what the day would hold.  I would say, “I do”, celebrate with our families and friends and set out for a new life together.


I didn’t know the joy that would fill my heart.

I couldn’t fathom the tears we’d share.

I had no idea of the insane laughter we’d cause each other.

I never IMAGINED the beauty in our children.

I never knew the love I’d feel for his family.

I never dreamed of the places our lives together would take us.

I could have only hoped for the deep and abounding friendship we share.

All of this, and it’s only been nine years.  My heart swells at the thought of what we have to experience in the rest of our lives.

Happy anniversary, Grady.  You are my light, my love, my world.

You are my only.



Peace, love and joyous uncertainties!!!!


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