The Sleepover

I have a confession.  I’m kind of crummy about giving Tucker ample friend time.  Our weekends are typically packed with activities and on those rare occasions that they’re not I tend to be selfish with it.  I’m bad about it.  Knowing this all too well and feeling guilty I told Tucker that he could have a sleepover Friday night.  He invited his good buddy, Paxton.  Pax and Tuck have been friends since the minute Tuck was born.  Paxton and his family are part of our rodeo family.


The evening was beautiful so the boys (and Ella) got to play outside for a long time.

After a feast of spaghetti we all went back out for a campfire in the fire pit complete with roasted marshmallows, S’mores and banana boats.

DSC_0252 copy

DSC_0250 copy

What is it about fire that is so mesmerizing?  I could stare at it for hours.


Ella LOVES when we have friends over.  I think she has a little crush on Pax.

DSC_0257 copy

DSC_0260 copy

…and she obviously loves chocolate.

DSC_0270 copy

DSC_0264 copy

Banana boats are so easy.  Split it down the middle, peel and all, and fill it with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, caramel chips and marshmallows.  Wrap it up in foil and put over the fire.  About ten minutes later dig in!DSC_0267 copy

Pax LOVES banana boats. …and I do, too.

DSC_0279 copy

DSC_0273 copy

Tuck has a few loose teeth so eating the S’more proved to be a task.

DSC_0274 copy

Ella just got incredibly sticky.

Cade came home during campfire time from an evening spent with friends.  And as boys will be boys the subject of branding one’s self came up.  The stories got deep and it was decided that it was high time to go inside.

…and that’s when the siliness started.  Grady thought it’d be fun to fashion our family brand out of a coat hanger.  He gets wild hairs like this on occasion.  After doing ours he decided to make Paxton’s family brand.

…and then the boys thought they needed “tattoos”.


…because tattoos make you instantly TOUGH!

The paint branded boys soon got tired and with visions of their first soccer game the next morning they crawled into bed.

The next morning was more play, a feast of biscuits and gravy and some warming up for the first game.



What a great time we had.  I really do need to remember to make more on an effort at having the kids’ friends over.  I love seeing the joy it brings MY kids to share their a little bit of their life with their friends.



Peace, love and friendly gestures!!!

3 thoughts on “The Sleepover

  1. Lish, after a hard day at work and the news from Boston today, I was feeling pretty down. Then I read your blog, and my faith in humanity was instantly restored! I’ve never had a banana boat, but it appears that it should be added to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your little slice of heave with the rest of us. Marci

    • Oh, Marci, banana boats should be on EVERYONE’S bucket list! 😉 I’m glad my kiddos could give you some joy on a down and dreary day. If I could bottle up their energy and laughter and send it your way I would do it in a heartbeat. Love to you!!!

  2. Very, very sweet. Glad P & T had some bonding time before this rodeo season kicks off!!! And Pax just said last night, “Alisha is a fancy cook, you should have seen our breakfast.” haha…always love a child’s view.

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