Despite The Mess

Sometimes the best therapy for heartbreak, panic attacks and general life B.S. is good quality time with friends.

Last Saturday Grady got to go “drag calves” with two of our rodeo teammates.  “Dragging calves” is the term used for the process of gathering, roping, vaccinating and branding the new calves in the herd.  He lives for this stuff.  It was a great way for him to get his mind off the “sucker punch”.

As soon as they were done we all gathered at Abbey and Adrian’s for a completely impromptu afternoon of roping, riding and feasting.  The guys needed to practice, the kids needed the time together and the momma’s enjoyed the sisterhood.

This momma even had the chance to get on Grady’s horse!!!  Tucker has taken a LARGE interest in learning to ride so I warmed Wimpy up for him and helped him out a bit in the round pen.

Then it was Monkey’s turn to have few laps around the arena with Mommy.

DSC_0039 copy

This is what it’s all about.  These are the moments that make my heart shine and my smile wide.  That girl LOVES to be horseback.

I will admit that my body ached in places I forgot existed for the following three days.  Proof that it’s been WAY too long.

This is the dream that Grady and I have.  This what we’d like EVERY day to look like.

We keep praying.



Peace, love and lifted spirits!!!


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