Gratitude and Puppies

I will continue to say that this new chapter in our lives has opened our eyes, minds and hearts to so many things.  We’re thinking in ways we’ve not thought before.  We’ve been forced out of our “safe” comfort zone and are looking at life in a much more “calculated” way.  Every decision has to be measured and weighed with a “tag” of importance tacked onto each thing.  With our immediate future up in the air we’re forced to take a harder look at things we’d have never put a second thought to before.  It’s interesting.  But… it’s GOOD.  It’s forcing us to look at what’s REALLY important and what’s REALLY needed versus just wanted.

We have been blessed with offers of small jobs here and there for Grady to do while he’s job searching.  He is thankful for the hard work and the opportunity to keep his hands and mind busy.  Idle time, for a cowboy, is mind numbing and seems to suck the self-worth out right of them.

We have received so many words of encouragement and kindness and gifts of graciousness that we can’t even begin to express our deep and abounding thanks.  The support and love that we’ve been shown in the past few weeks reaffirms my faith in God and the true beauty of human nature and FRIENDSHIP.  I have a special thanks to “my friend”.  As I sat in my driveway reading your words the tears streamed down my face.  It doesn’t happen often, but I was rendered speechless.  You are truly a beautiful person and please know that I send you many hugs.  You are proof that your parents were REMARKABLE people.

Sunday morning the Gibb house was blessed with a few new additions.  Grady had wanted just ONE MORE litter of pups from Harley before he promised me we could get her fixed. (Insert the major eye roll.)  Keep in mind, she has only had ONE legitimately planned litter out of the past THREE.  Consequently, she has been nicknamed, Hooker.  With that said he found his ideal father and we are now the proud “grandparents” of five spotted little hounds, her fourth and FINAL litter.

DSC_0083 copy

DSC_0060 copy

DSC_0054 copy

DSC_0065 copy

DSC_0059 copy

Finding these little turkeys was no small task.  Harley had been scoping out the underneath area of our deck for several days and when I forgot to kennel her in my haste to leave Saturday morning, she found her opportunity to get under there and NOT come out.  Of course, we didn’t know this.  We didn’t see hide nor hair of her Saturday afternoon, evening or night and thought she’d run off and had them somewhere in a pasture or, in Grady’s worst thinking and “guilt-trip” chatter…, he was convinced she’d have them in the creek and we’d have NO puppies.  I was in the figurative doghouse for not taking better care of his baby girl.  Sunday morning, I got up and decided to go out on our deck and holler for her again.  Just as I did I heard a rustle right under my feet and the tiny little squeaks and whimpers of babies. I ran back in the house and proclaimed that the lost was found and that we had BABIES!!!!  The kicker was her exact location under the deck…  When the deck was built it was made right over the top of a small cement slab with steps that lead to the front door.  It was in the tiny little space between the top of these steps and the deck that she wriggled herself into and birthed her babes.  Tucker was the “it man” to crawl under and retrieve the puppies.  It took a little time and a few dog treats, but Miss Harley and her babies were safely moved from the dark depths of the “under deck” to the kennel.  All are doing well.

DSC_0084 copy

Our holiday weekend has been FULL to say the least.

Full of activities.

Full of friends.

Full of laughter.

Full of cowboys and horses.

Full of new life.

Full of late nights.

Full of love.

As it winds down and we head out the door for one last adventure I ask for your continued prayers for our family.  There is possibility on the horizon and we are hopeful.



Peace, love and thankfulness!!!

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