The Mother’s Day Pot

Mother’s Day…

Some years are good ones and some are just kind of so-so.  It happens.  It’s a fact of life.  Not EVERY Mother’s Day is going to be spectacular.  If anyone tries to tell you that each and every one is over the top and marvelous, well, I’m going to venture to say that they’re fooling you.  We all experience kind of crummy ones once in a while.

I’m not going to say that this year’s Mother’s Day was crummy because it wasn’t.  But, I will say that it wasn’t over the top and it wasn’t overly spectacular.

In my family’s defense it had only been a few days since the lay off and the “crazy” still had it’s hold on us.  We were ALL in a funk.  COMPLETELY understandable and more than forgivable from me.

Most of the time my only request on Mother’s Day is that I NOT have to prepare a meal and that I NOT have to do any of my typical daily chores.  Those two requests were met.  Grady got up and fed the kids breakfast while I sat in the recliner and drank my coffee.  This equals absolute HEAVEN in my book.  My house suffered a bit while I refused to do any housework.  Amazingly, we all survived the mess for one more day.

What we did accomplish was a nicely manicured yard, detailed vehicles and a full weeding of the flower beds.  None of those I considered a chore on that particular day.  My car desperately needed cleaned and I was in the mood and I find weeding my flower beds somewhat therapeutic.

In thanks to Nana and the kiddos I had a beautiful addition to the deck.

On their last visit to Nana and Papa’s house the kids and Nana got creative and made this beautiful pot of flowers for me.

DSC_0044 copy

Do you see the butterflies?

DSC_0045 copy

DSC_0043 copy

They’re my babies sweet little feet.

DSC_0041 copy

I’m one of those mommas that adores and treasures the homemade gifts.  I just love it!  The flowers alone make me smile, but seeing those sweet little toes and feet turned into something so cute makes my heart sing.  I only wish I could have seen and heard the giggles and fun while this was being made.  I would guess it was PRICELESS.

Thanks, Nana!!!

Peace, love and butterflies!!!


One thought on “The Mother’s Day Pot

  1. Your Mother’s Day gift is so awesome and indeed one you will cherish for years and years. That is the sweetest gift ever!!!!!! Your kids are so very blessed to have you for their mother and to have such a caring Nana, too. And yes, I do see the butterflies!! Darling to say the least!!!!

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