Throw Back Thursday

Okay, so this isn’t much of a throw back, but…  it did happen about 3 weeks ago.  Long enough to qualify, right?  I say, yes.

Rodeo weekend has come and gone yet again.  It was full of fun and new adventures.

Sheep Riding TuckTucker participated in the Mutton Bustin’.  This kiddo cracks us up.  He’s our sensitive and tender-hearted, soft spirited boy.  He’s cautious in most everything he tries.

EXCEPT when it comes to riding a sheep.  He’s never been afraid to get on, hold on for dear life and ride like there’s no tomorrow.

This year he took a HUGE face plant in the arena when his sheep stumbled and rolled with him.  He got up LAUGHING!  This from the kid that refuses to let us pull a tooth that is barely hanging on by a thread.  I just shake my head and laugh to myself.  What a kid.

Bull Riding TuckA bucking machine was one of the new additions this year.  I had one of those “OH NO WAY!!” moments when Grady watched Tuck ride and said with a big smile, “Wow, he has really great form!!”  NO!  NO!!!  NO!!!!!!  I’m sorry, but this is one area in which I don’t want him to follow in his daddy’s footsteps.  I’m not sure this momma could handle the stress to her ticker.  It was stressful enough watching his daddy our first year of marriage…

Bull Riding GradyAfter much persuasion Grady mounted up and showed his nephew and buddies that he still had what it took.

Bronc BabiesThe other fun new adventure was the addition of the bucking stock babies and their mommas to the front of our parade.  They were so sweet.  It’s hard to believe that these beauties can deliver some of the toughest cowboys straight to the dirt in a matter of seconds.

Southfork Yaucht ClubAnd we can’t forget about our local youth delivering great humor.  This is what small town life is all about.

Aside from the crazy thunderstorm that came through shortly after Saturday night’s performance started the weekend was a large success.

…and there is your TBT for today.



Peace, love and cowboy tradition!!!!


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