Angels in the Field

Yesterday was a rough day for the Gibb house.

Grady had an extremely close call while helping with the wheat harvest.  It was one of those experiences when you KNOW that your guardian angels were watching over you and there’s no other explanation for coming out unscathed.

tractorGrady sent me this picture yesterday afternoon with the words below, “Just about died.”

At first glance I really didn’t know what was going on.  I thought he was about to dump the grain cart he was pulling behind him which would have been a wreck of wrecks within itself.

Then I saw the electrical pole down behind the tractor.  I still wasn’t too concerned because it didn’t dawn on me what REALLY happened.

What you can’t seen in this picture is that the electrical line (which is one with some of the highest possible voltage running through it) is lying ON the tractor.  ON the tractor door to be exact.

Having, unintentionally, left the arm of the grain cart down he was coming out of the field by the pole.  Not remembering that the arm was down he didn’t take into consideration that he needed clearance room for it and as he passed the pole it caught and brought the pole and electrical lines down on him.  He told me that all he could hear was the loud buzzing of electricity as it jumped and sparked with life.  The current passed through the tractor and cart coming out of one of the cart tires, blowing the tire and resulting in a fire.  Fortunately, the farmer he’s helping was right there witnessing the whole event.  He grabbed his fire extinguisher and instinctively wanted to start spraying.

This is where I am SO very thankful for Grady’s 18+ years of experience and training on the volunteer fire department.  He immediately yelled at Marty to not SPRAY the fire because the current would come right back at him, but use short bursts to extinguish it.

What we’re most thankful for is that Grady wasn’t killed when he made the snap decision to crawl out the back window of the tractor and jump as far from it all as he could.  He was extremely lucky that he landed safely and far enough away to not be another conductor of the electricity.

When the electric company showed up to assess and repair the damages they told him he was lucky to be alive.  A man in our community was critically injured not long ago in a situation all too similar to this one.  When he made the decision to get out of his tractor he was too close to the electrical line and tractor and became the connection between the two and was almost killed.

I’m not sharing this story for sympathies, but because I think there’s an incredibly valuable lesson to be learned by everyone in this experience.  Anyone who may find themself in a situation where vehicles and electrical lines are concerned needs to know to STAY IN THE VEHICLE and call 911 IMMEDIATELY.  It truly is the safest place to be.

When Grady told me what happened he was shaken to the point of not being able to tell me the full story in one sitting.  He wasn’t even able to finish sentences.  His emotions were getting the best of him by the time he was on the phone with me.  Needless to say, last night was filled with an abundance of hugs, kisses and tearful thanks to the Lord for sending his angels to watch over and protect him yesterday.  It could, easily, have been the worst day of our lives.

Peace, love and angels!!!


2 thoughts on “Angels in the Field

  1. Reading this just makes me shed tears ! Thank the Lord Grady had his wits about him to even think clearly during this accident. Thank the Lord that our friend, your beloved husband and father to two beautiful children is safe and came home scared out of his mind but safe..Hugs, love and prayers Gibb family !!

  2. So happy he is okay…thanking God for an overworked Guardian Angel! You are right, it is important to stay in the vehicle/tractor if at all possible.

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