I have some really exciting news to share!!DSC_0115 copy

Yes, it’s THAT exciting!!!!!!


I didn’t want to share too soon as there were a few kinks to iron out and a few negotiations to be made, but it is OFFICIAL as of the first of this month.

…and the best part… it’s the job we’ve been hoping for.  Grady will be looking after a large cow/calf operation and small finishing lot for a farmer who also has about 3000 acres of farm land.  It’s a family run operation and they were in desperate need of a good cowboy who had feed lot experience AND ranch experience.  Grady fit their needs to a T.

The only stinger of the deal is that we have to relocate.  The job comes with a house right on the property.  While we’re sad to be leaving our friends and family, who are only a stone’s throw away, we’re rejoicing because it’s only 30 miles down the highway.  We were looking at jobs in neighboring states, preparing ourselves for the possibility of moving HOURS away instead of mere minutes.  We will get to go to Cade’s sporting events.  We’ll get to come visit our family ANY time we want.  We can still attend any local events we want.

God was listening to our prayers.  God was listening to all of your prayers for us.

So, I will have SO much to share with you as we start this new chapter.

New (old farm) house.

New projects. (LOTS of them!!!)

New school.

New job.

New daycare.

New friends.

I want to thank all of you for your kind words, prayers and support while we were in this time of transition.  It was an eye opening experience.  What am I saying, it’s STILL an eye opening experience.

Stay tuned for what I’m certain will be some entertaining stories!!!



Peace, love and answered prayers!!




2 thoughts on “Woo-Hoo!!!!

  1. Know together as the wonderful family you are everything will fall into place beautifully. Hate to lose you in our community but you will be loved where you are moving just as you are here. DO please keep us updated and wishing you only the best with love, laughter, family, faith and many friends in your lives. Love to you all Lish !!

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