Those Stinkin’ Kinks

Kinks. Those stinkin’ kinks. They’ll getchya every time.

Life threw us a few major curve balls over the last weekend. The rodeo team travelled west to a rodeo that’s been a tradition for us for 5 years.

DSC_0025 copy

While this is the site that I’m used to seeing it was far from what I saw Saturday night. Grady had a horse go down with him in the arena and while we watched from the side we kept waiting for him to get up and walk away. Instead, he kept laying on the ground, on his side in the fetal position. My heart was pounding, my gut wrenched. I raced into the arena and sighed a HUGE sigh of relief when I found that nothing was broken, his head was still in tact, vital organs were good. He was complaining of severe pain in his knee. We can deal with a knee, it can be fixed.

We drove the four hours home Sunday morning worrying about everything. We worried about the new job. We worried about the insurance that will run out at the end of the month. We worried about the severity of his injury. It was a somber drive.

Monday morning we made the trip to the family doctor. We still aren’t 100% certain of the final diagnosis, but the doctor feels that it’s probably a torn meniscus.

Another big sigh. It wasn’t his ACL. It wasn’t blown. We can fix this.

We will go see the orthopedic/sports medicine doctor next week and all will be determined for sure.

Our biggest blow came Monday afternoon when a difference in opinions left Grady making the decision to leave his job. It was a tough choice to make since it’d leave us both unemployed, but one we felt we needed.

So, there you have it, my friends. Those kinks are kind of tight, but we’re working to smooth them back out again. We are totally at peace with our decision. Ironically, our hearts are more peaceful than they’ve been since he took the job. Isn’t it funny how those gut feelings work. We feel good with where we’re at and, believe it or not, are working on a solid plan. We are prayerful and faithful that everything will work out.



Peace, love and crazy kinks!!!!





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