Cousins – Take TWO

My sincere apologies for the FUNKY post earlier.  I’ve been having some “technical” difficulty with a few of my posts not posting/saving completely.  Unfortunately, I’m not aware of it until it posts the next morning and then I look like a total goober.  But, I’m certain you’ll forgive me.

So… we’ll try it again.

My sister and BIL travelled north last weekend to spend some time with the family.  We don’t get to see them more a couple times a year so it was a treat to hang out with them for the afternoon.

DSC_0268 copy

Miss Monkey and the Bean (aka Charlie) were very intrigued with each other.  Ella a little more so than Bean.

DSC_0253 copy

DSC_0256 copy

All of her “love” was a bit overwhelming to him.  …and the pool was just a tad on the chilly side.

DSC_0262 copy

Affections from afar were tolerated a little better.

DSC_0289 copy

Tuck and Bean, on the other hand, became fast friends.

DSC_0291 copy

Too sweet.


Cuteness alert!

Cuteness ALERT!


DSC_0258 copy

I warned you.  Those lips and cheeks just get me every time.

Prior to the pool adventure the water guns came out.  It was WAR!!!

DSC_0232 copy

DSC_0235 copy

This girl is RUTHLESS!!!  Big brother is NO threat to her.

DSC_0239 copy

Uncle Kyle was a good sport.

We had a great afternoon with everyone and were sad to leave them that evening, but are looking forward to seeing them again in a few weeks to celebrate Bean’s FIRST birthday!!!

Peace, love and crazy cousins!!!


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