Just a Bowl of Cherries

DSC_0067 copyI have so much excitement in my heart today.

I WISH I could tell you what all I have going on in my head, but I’m old fashioned and don’t like to put carts before horses.

DSC_0060 copyThere’s nothing concrete or solid to tell you about.  I’m simply… hopeful and happy.

This road that Grady and I have been traveling has certainly been full of lots of twists and turns and bumps and the occasional dead end.

DSC_0070 copyThis road has also been full of surprises and discoveries and possibilities and opportunities.

DSC_0073 copyWe have felt so much love and support from our family, friends and community.  This journey has been weathered with much more ease because of who surrounds us.

What some would consider a travesty in their lives we’re looking at as a blessing.  We’ve, literally, been given the opportunity to start with a fresh slate.

In the words that I heard repeatedly in my youth…

“Attitude is EVERYTHING.”

“You’re only as limited as your imagination.”

And the one I think on often…

“When you find yourself alone in a sticky situation use all of your resources to fix it, even the unconventional ones.”

We have truly embraced ALL of these teachings.  They’ve gotten us through some of the rockiest moments and have helped make us SOLID as individuals, as a couple and as parents.

It may not look like from the outside, but right now… our LIFE IS LIKE A BOWL OF CHERRIES.

Peace, love and cherries on top!!!


2 thoughts on “Just a Bowl of Cherries

  1. You truly amaze me Alisha~ the way you always pick yourself up, brush yourself off and looking for the brighter side. Know things have been stressful and rocky but also know how deep your faith in God is, your great love for your family and many, many friends who are always there for you just as you are for them. God Bless and KNOW all is going to work out and life will be a bowl of cherries for you. Love to you all !

  2. I’m loving your attitude and cherriness (get it? lol). Too bad more people don’t naturally have a positive outlook as you do. I do know it’s contagious, though. Good for you girl!

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