DSC_0001 copyIt has rained every night for the past FIFTEEN days!


DSC_0007 copyWe’ve had some INSANE thunderstorms randomly in the middle of the night since Friday night.  When I say INSANE, I mean the kind of lightening that you think is right in your back yard resulting in thunder that makes you sit straight up in bed and then sends your two-year-old SCREAMING into your bed (EVERY time).  I don’t understand why it’s always at two in the morning.

We’re all very, very tired.

DSC_0044 copyI showed you the flood waters last week.  Despite the continued rain, those waters have receded in our area.  Not everyone that’s been hit with this weather is so lucky.

DSC_0002 copyWhat’s it like now, you ask?  Well…we’re left with the sulfur-like stench of drowned crops, mud, and fish swept into the fields, who have now gone to fish heaven, all intensified by the heavy humidity. That’s not even the worst of it.  As if that weren’t icky enough.

The mosquitoes are in HEAVEN.  All this dampness has made a breeding haven for these nasty little devils.  Last night I had to clean up a little mess on the deck.  It took less than five minutes, but in those few minutes I was eaten ALIVE.  Tuck and Monkey have wanted to play outside, but I can’t let them because there’s not enough bug spray to protect them from the bites.

I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer because we’ve been in such a devastating drought for the past three years.  We have certainly NEEDED the moisture to fill our ponds and creeks and deep cracks in the ground, but a little bit of a break would be nice.  Five days, maybe?  Just enough time to dry up a bit so I can mow the jungle growing in my yard.  It’s kind of embarrassing.

photo(1) copySo, what does a person do when it’s raining like crazy?

I think I’ll make some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, I think that’s exactly what I’ll do today.  Then I might do a little searching for some new recipes while I snack on a cookie or two.

What do you do when the weather is less than …fun?

Peace, love and wringing wet!!!


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