MY Turtle Man

DSC_0051 copyThis little guy stole MY heart from the moment I heard HIS little heart beat on the ultrasound machine so many moons ago.  He still and always will have a very tight grasp on it.

Even though I’m ready to be back in the working world I have felt SO blessed to have been able to spend the last month bonding with Tuck.   He’s been my little side kick, pool mate, chore helper, job cheerleader and partner in crime.  We’ve had so many laughs and lots of deep conversations.

I never knew that seven would be such a fun age.  I remember my little brother at seven and he seemed like such a gross little “dork”, doing weird “boy” things like armpit farts and pig faces.

DSC_0057 copyYeah… kind of like that.

He made us laugh, but he was kind of annoying as most little brothers are.  And then I remember that I was seventeen and being seven was the furthest thing from being cool that I could possibly imagine at that point in my life.

Now, at THIRTY-seven I think seven is a pretty cool age.

Tuck comes from a VERY long line of goof balls.  He can’t really help himself.  Orneriness runs DEEP in his blood on both sides of the tree.  Heaven help him.  Even with all of this silliness coursing through his veins he’s always held it at bay a bit.  He was always a touch reserved, showing more of his sensitivity and sweetness.  That is, until this summer.

This kiddo’s personality has EXPLODED all over the place!!!!  Yes, that over the top personality includes some armpit farts and pig faces, which I still roll my eyes at.  But…it also includes a great sense of humor, some pretty good one-liners shot back at just the right time and the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard.  His sense of humor is LARGE and there’s not much that gets past him.

In my quest to put the kibosh on annoying cartoons that I think are just terrible these days, (a whole new post that I could go on and on about) I have put in the place the rule that 98% of what he watches on TV needs to be of the educational variety.  In other words, a majority of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, History Channel and so on.  You get my drift.  I want him to be using his noggin and THINKING while he’s watching TV.

Well, since we live in a house dominated by the male gender we end up watching lots of crazy animal/hunting type shows.

Have you guys heard of this guy?

Wild Man 2The show is Call of the Wildman aka Turtle Man.

Wild Man 1Most days it takes everything I have to sit through one episode of this guy.  He’s pretty over the top and probably largely annoying to most folks, but… to the guys in our house he’s a RIOT!!!  I will say this, as obnoxious as he is to listen to he’s full of good deeds and genuine kindness so, I tolerate it.

He is Tucker’s new obsession.

DSC_0045 copyHe runs around the house doing the Turtle Man “call”, the arms crossed and hollering “LIVE ACTION!!!!” every 5 minutes.  We even have Turtle Man reenactments complete with toy snakes, wrestling matches and tornado swirls of the gunny sack.

With all of this rain we discovered there was a rat (or maybe two) in our basement.  No worries.  There’s not much time spent down there.  It’s old.  It’s hand dug.  There SHOULD be some critters down there.  We’ve had the occasional black snake, which usually takes care of the mice/rats so I don’t get too upset with them. But…rats… I don’t do rats.  They eat things they shouldn’t, like trophies.  Yes, I said trophies.  It’s a long story as to WHY there were trophies in the creepy basement, but they got eaten by RATS.

Sooooo…. with this icky discovery Grady decided that yesterday he would try to rid the basement of the rodents.  Tucker decided that the ONLY way to do it was Turtle Man style.

DSC_0046 copyHe got all duded up with a little help from Cade and they set off on their mission.

The mission was really only to strategically place some poison, which was done by the daddy, but Tuck, I mean Turtle Man, was right there ready to catch any lurking rats that might have decided to show their ugly faces.

He was pretty proud of himself.

DSC_0049 copyI think Turtle Man would have been pleased as well.

And there you have it.  He’s my larger than life kid, not worried in the slightest as to what someone else would think of his goofy side.  I love that about him.  I love that he’s becoming comfortable in his own skin.  I love that he’s not afraid to be a little different.  I love that he loves being dorky and carefree.

DSC_0058 copy“Moooommmm, quit taking pictures of me.”

…and there’s that personality.

Peace, love and turtle calls!!!


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