Thanks and Praise!!!

photo(2)Earlier this week an old friend of mine posted this on Facebook:

“Your greatest need becomes your biggest blessing when it causes you to depend on Him.”

I read those words and they hit me like a ton of bricks.  It’s EXACTLY what I’ve felt since May when Grady was laid off from the feedlot.

There was SO much in life that we just took for granted.  NEVER did we think either of us would be unemployed unwillingly.  NEVER in a million years did we think we’d BOTH be in that situation.  It literally took my breath away for long periods of time.

Our spirit, faith and courage were all put to the test.

We have always been a praying family, but we became a prayerFUL family.  Our words with God became purposeful and meaningful.  Not one prayer was uttered without heart, truth and thanksgiving.  Through OUR words with Him Tucker learned what the true meaning of prayer is.  He began to pray so unselfishly for his parents, family and friends.  Our son would pray words that made my heart light up and a tear come to my eye.

Despite our new-found communication…

Darkness crept in.  We had moments, hours and sometimes days of falter.  We had episodes of doubt and disbelief in ourselves.  We exchanged cross words out of frustration and impatience.

But… at those moments when life seemed low and scary and eerily lonely there was always something around the corner that would glimmer and shine urging us to keep trudging on down the path.  So, trudge on we did, in faith, believing that our futures were, indeed, bright and would hold a promise of something grand.  We would continue to pray.

Rather than praying for the things WE wanted we prayed for what God wanted for us.  We prayed that He guide us to the right decisions, the right jobs and the right path.  The things that HE felt were right for us.

Monday night that glimmer and shine on our path became a beacon in the form of a phone call.

At the end of that conversation I screamed to the roof tops with so much excitement and THANKS I’m certain I was heard three counties away.

I accepted a job offer I interviewed for last week.  It’s a job that is outside of my usual realm of work.

Education…  I will be working as a Special Education Para.

When I interviewed for this position my heart was so filled with joy and excitement for the possibilities and challenges and opportunities with this new path that I knew that God definitely had his hand in this one.  I believe with all my heart that He led me on this journey to this exact destination and I am SO ready to start this BRAND NEW chapter!!!

We are saying many prayers of THANKS and PRAISE for the gift I was given.  Now I’m prayerful that I will be everything this job needs me to be.

Peace, love and MEANING!!


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