Phew!!! Glad THAT’S Over.

15808676-smiley-emoticons-face-vector--shocking-expressionOh. My. Goodness.  Last week was a DOOZIE!!!

All I can say is that I am SO glad that it’s over with.

Let’s start with Monday.

It was definitely a Monday.

There were grumpy kids at school.  Typical for a Monday.

Then it was followed by a really upset stomach that evening and ended with a huge tragedy for our family.

Our sweet, sweet Harley went to Heaven that evening. (Tears)

Smiley---Sad--for-picks--fanpop-38168_150_150If I’ve never said it before we live on a somewhat “high traffic” country road.  In recent months, for reasons we can’t figure out, Miss Harley had taken to chasing only certain vehicles.  By certain vehicles, I mean only LOUD ones.  It was the strangest thing.  We’ve tried all sorts of tactics to change this behavior, but nothing seemed to work.  We feared that one day she would get hit and that fear became reality Monday night.  It was awful.  It was great sadness for our house.  Our sweet girl loved all of us so much and we loved her to the ends of the earth.  She is greatly missed.

Monday night’s crumminess didn’t end there.  I was up ALL night with a horribly acidic and sour stomach.  Not one wink of sleep.  Not one.

15584118-emoticon-with-nauseaI got up Tuesday morning and knew that going to work wasn’t going to be an option.  Talk about feeling like a HUGELY LAME-O calling in sick on not just the third day of school, but the third day of the NEW JOB.  UGH!!!  I slept all day and prayed for some relief from my stomach issues.  I made it back to work for the rest of the week, but in hindsight probably should have stayed home both Wednesday and Thursday.  This was some WEIRD nasty flu bug.  I finally felt human again by Sunday.


Bless my husband for taking care of things while I was, literally, confined to my bed every evening.  He was a trooper.

By Sunday I couldn’t stand to look at my whirlwind, crazy house anymore so we did some serious cleaning and tidying.  It’s amazing what gets overlooked when the momma is down and out.

But…as “un-fun” as the majority of the week was we had a really spectacular holiday weekend.  I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow. (I hope.)


Sidenote: My apologies for the emoticons.  Being sick all week = no energy for taking/downloading pictures.

Peace, love and re-grouping!!!!


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