We’ve had a lot going on lately.

We’re still getting into the groove of new routines.  Tucker is participating in a 1st and 2nd grade flag football clinic.  He’s LOVING it!!  He’s really starting to get interested in football and this clinic is the perfect way for him to learn the basics.  Sooooo…. twice a week we go to the Big Town for practice and games.  A few weeks ago Tuck and I headed out and I left Grady in charge of supper.  I came home and found this on the counter.

Shtuff 5I truly adore little things like this!  Some ladies want flowers and jewels and showers of gifts.  Yes, those things are nice, but this… a potato with our initials carved into it means SO much more to me than any diamond.  Yes, a spud is special.  Why?  Because at the moment that he saw the heart-shaped tater it made him think of our relationship.  It made him take the time to let me know that WE’RE special.  It brought joy to my heart.  The tiny, little things mean so much more to me than the big sparkly ones.


Shtuff 4Potty training, potty training, potty training.  UGH!  I have really been dreading this step.  It takes such a huge commitment and devotion of time that I think part of Monkey’s problem with getting started was that WE weren’t ready to make the leap yet.  But… two weeks ago I finally said enough was enough.  Monkey is a very stubborn kiddo and the potty stickers weren’t really cutting it.  It wasn’t motivating her enough.  I tried buying her a toy that I knew she wanted REALLY bad and kept it on display, but out of reach as motivation.  Nope.  She didn’t care.  So, I broke down and bought princess and Hello Kitty panties.  I decided that my last resort was playing into her girlie side.


Holy cow!  You should have seen this kid prance around in her new undies.  The Diva had been unleashed.  So far this tactic is working.  We have to keep her on track, taking her about every hour, but she gets it.  We’re just waiting for the day that she starts telling US when she needs to go.  I don’t like skipping moments in life, but dang, I wish we could fast-forward through the potty training.


Shtuff 3I was introduced to a fun new way to help Tucker practice his spelling words… finger paints.  It was so fun and Ella was able to “play” along.  The best part is that the sky’s the limit.  You can use shaving cream, whipped cream, pudding… anything.  I love when learning becomes so fun that the kids forget that it’s LEARNING.


Shtuff 2“Me YIKE makeup, Mommy!”

Monkey found an old Avon catalog of mine and spent HALF AN HOUR in silence on the floor thumbing through the pages.  She keeps it in her little purse and looks at it every day!  The Diva strikes….again.  I’m beginning to think I may be in BIG trouble in a few years.  I take that back.  Her DADDY may be in big trouble in a few years. (Mommy YIKES makeup, too.)


Saturday was a really busy day.  We were all going in different directions and finally met up at a bull riding event at our local rodeo grounds.  Tucker was disappointed to learn that he was now too old to participate in the mutton bustin’ event.  

We think we found his new talent.

Chicken chasing!!!

Yes, chicken chasing.  Five or six chickens are let loose in an arena filled with about 60 kids.  The goal is to catch a chicken.

Here’s the kicker.  I’ve watched Tucker do these types of events for several years now.  He’s never caught a chicken or pulled a ribbon off a calf’s tail.  So, this year, I didn’t really watch him closely.  NONE of us watched him closely.  The entire family was mesmerized with a small group of kids chasing a chicken in front of us.  When we looked up I saw Tuck standing next to the “bosses” of the show.  I told everyone, “Oh my gosh!  I think Tuck CAUGHT a chicken!  Oh, CRAP, I MISSED it!”  Then everyone said, “Crap, we ALL missed it!!!”  So, we whooped and cheered when he came over with his big winnings and NEVER let him know that we didn’t see a single bit of it.


Shtuff 1He was SO proud of himself! (As he should have been.)

So, there you have it.  The SHTUFF of our lives lately.

We’ve had a lot on our plates lately, but it’s all GOOD.  We’re thanking God everyday for our health, our lives and each other.

Peace, love and GOODNESS!!!


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