Halle-YU-lah… and more

Oh, happy day!

Fall is FINALLY here!

The weather is GORGEOUS!


DSC_0002 copyThere’s no school today.  Teacher’s meetings, which means Tuck and I, both, have the day OFF!!!!

We’re going to enjoy this beautiful day together.

Sister went to daycare to play with her friends.

We we went to the “Big Town” to get feed for the animals and a few other items.  I love leisurely trips with no expectations or deadlines.

I think we’re going to take a little time to visit the park this afternoon.  I think that sounds like the PERFECT time to enjoy my Kindle.

Last Thursday we took a little trip to the “Big Town” and it was NOT so leisurely.  Tucker was supposed to have his first rec league football game, but we had a HUGE storm come through which cancelled everything.  I had planned on doing some much-needed grocery shopping with that trip.  When Grady called and needed me to get a few things at the farm and ranch supply store I decided we might as well make the trip.  I loaded the kids up and we headed to town.  In my mind I KNEW I would regret the trip, but my stubbornness and desire to “just get things done” kept us on the trek.

We pulled into the grocery store parking lot and it wasn’t just raining.  It was POURING.  INSANE. RAIN!!!!  We sat in the car for a few minutes hoping it would let up, but I knew that the storm was coming from the west and was NOT letting up.  I gave Tucker our grocery bags and sent him on a mad run across the parking lot.  I climbed into the backseat with Monkey and got her ready for the race.  I sat there a few more seconds praying that the rain would let up just a hair.  No luck.  Soooo… I opened the door, threw her on my hip and ran like a crazy lady!!!!  We LOOKED like crazy people by the time we got in the store.  The part of me that was dry was where Ella was perched on my hip.  Soaked. To. The. Bone.  The bonus of going to the store when it’s a torrential rain storm?  The store is empty.  Thank goodness because my kids were ornery that night.

Ella heart shirtThis girl… ornery?  I kid you NOT!

Back story:  Last week at church we must have sung a song with Hallelujah in it because Tucker’s been TRYING to say it all week.

DSC_0051 copy

I stress the word TRY.  Do you have a word that you just can’t say the right way, not matter what you do?  Well, the poor kid has one heck of a time saying Hallelujah.  It comes out Halle-YU-lah.  We tried over and over and over and over and over again to help him say it correctly.  One syllable at a time, slow, fast… anything.  It wasn’t working.  It was always Halle-YU-lah.

Back to the store.  I’m going through the aisles getting the things I need.  We’re near the dairy section when Tucker starts in with his Halle-YU-lah’s.  I’m trying to correct him, when out of nowhere his (2-year-old) little sister pipes up and says, “NO, Tuckoo, it’s Halle-LU-jah!!!”  I couldn’t help it, I busted out laughing.  The poor kid was completely shown up by his baby sister who can’t even say “like” correctly.  He turned to me with the “go to hell” look on his face

DSC_0058 copy(Yeah, that’s the one.)

…and then stomped off to find something on the list.  It was utterly priceless.

In other news… the potty training seems to be going well.  She’s doing better than I thought she would after 3 weeks.  We still have our fair share of accidents, but she’s getting it figured out.  She even earned her “motivation” toy that has been sitting on her dresser for 3 weeks.  Now, if we could just get the #2 part figured out.  I keep trying to tell her she can’t poo on the princesses…. (big sigh)

Peace, love and silly siblings!!!


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