“Hello…. QUIT BITING THE DOG… sure thing!”

tourettesA friend of mine posted this on her Facebook wall.  When I read it I busted out in laughter.  This describes EVERY phone conversation I have in the presence of my children, especially Ella.

“Hello, (insert ANYONE)!  How’s it going?  Oh, we’re great… DON’T TOUCH THAT… oh, yes, we’d love to get together this weekend.  GET OUT OF THE DRYER!  Sure I can bring a salad.  I’M GOING TO SPANK YOUR BOTTOM IF YOU DON’T STOP THAT!  No… I didn’t hear that about (insert any local gossip). LEAVE THE DOG ALONE!  What?  No, I don’t need to get off the phone.  I’m not busy.  Okay… I’ll talk to you later.”

…and this is how EVERY, SINGLE phone conversation goes in my house.  Everyone is constantly asking if I need to go?  I MUST be busy if I’m hollering at my kids randomly throughout the five minutes I’m on the phone.

Trust me… I’m really NOT busy.  My kids just require 24-hour supervision in order to stay out of the emergency room.

The end.

Peace, love and crazy interruptions!!!


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