Just a Little Roastin’ and Farmin’

A few weeks ago we had the perfect Saturday evening for a weenie roast.  We lit the fire and discovered that we were going to get to watch the neighbor cut the soy beans in the field around our house.

DSC_0163 copyI’m always intrigued and fascinated by the machinery and how it can cut, sort and discard everything in one fail swoop.

DSC_0167 copyTucker got the opportunity to ride along.  He was so excited!  His first time in a combine.

DSC_0154 copyAs we watched the sun was setting and coming through the trees and the dust.  It was nothing short of spectacular.

DSC_0161 copyDSC_0151 copyIt was a beautiful evening.  We couldn’t have asked for more.





I was reminded again of how thankful I am to live in a place that teaches my children every day where the food on their plates comes from.

What a blessing.

Peace, love and country livin’!!!


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