Happy Halloween

It’s been a busy week.  I have a really great story to share with you, but it’s one that will take a lot of attention to detail and special attention to detail with my photo editing.  I can’t wait to share it!

In the meantime, we carved our pumpkins this week.  Miss Monkey is finally NOT afraid of them.  Last year she was TERRIFIED.  We couldn’t even have the unlit pumpkin sitting in the house where she could see it.

DSC_0368This year is much better.

DSC_0367I found this fun idea on Pinterest to use toothpicks for the teeth rather than carving them.  It was much scary on the picture that I found, but this was the face that Tucker sketched out so we have a “happy” shark tooth jack-o-lantern.  I think he’s pretty cool, regardless.

We are geared up for a fun Halloween evening.  We’re going to try our local Trunk or Treat with a few special stops added in.  Does your community do Trunk or Treat?  I think it’s a STELLAR idea.  Safe, quick and easy on a parents with smaller children.

We hope you have a safe and fun holiday!


Peace, love and ghouls!!!


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