Bow Hunters and Cheerleaders

These two had so much fun this year.

DSC_0006 copyDSC_0008 copyThe bow hunter was a last minute idea.  We had planned on him being Si Robertson, but the lack of a beard led to plan B.  I liked plan B.  We already had everything at home and he loved the idea. (FINALLY, he didn’t want to be a football player.)

DSC_0010 copyWe got this great cheerleader outfit as a hand-me-down from a good friend.  Needless to say, Daddy was OVERJOYED that it was a K-State Wildcats outfit!

I wasn’t sure she would go for it.  That is… until we went to the last home football game and she was idolizing and imitating the cheerleaders.

DSC_0015 copyShe had this down!

We headed to town to try out the two Trunk or Treat festivities for the first time.

DSC_0016 copyThis was so much fun.  While there weren’t very many cars at either one, the ones that were there were fun, super friendly and SAFE!

DSC_0018 copyThere were even some fun ones with “spooks” jumping out to get the kids.

DSC_0023 copyDSC_0022 copyThis one was MY favorite.  The monster never spoke and the only thing you ever saw was his big green hand.  The kiddos had to go get the candy from his hand.  It was too cute.  Miss Monkey was a little leery at first, but wasn’t about to let her slight fear get in between her and her candy.

DSC_0020 copyDSC_0026 copyMiss Monkey finally understood the concept of Trick-or-Treating complete with a big “TANK-OO” after she got her goodies.  I loved watching her wide-eyed and full of excitement.

The best part was watching her jump out of bed this morning asking “Ha-wo-ween???”, wanting to go at it again.

Absolutely no fear factor with this clan.

Peace, love and sugar highs!!!


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