Baby It’s COLD Outside


The temperature hasn’t gotten above 23° since Thursday.  It’s SO stinkin’ cold!!!

This led to a weekend of hibernation, or at least as much as our schedule would allow.

After a family birthday party, Tuck and I decorated the house.

12-8-13 dIt always takes a little time for me to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I do like Christmas, really I do.  I just love Thanksgiving more.  I love it because folks are together to be TOGETHER.  There isn’t the pressure of the perfect gift.  There isn’t the stress of the financial misery so many put themselves through.  There aren’t people being downright NASTY to each other for the sake of “getting the last one” at some department store sale.  No, Thanksgiving is purely PURE and I love that.

Okay, off my soap box.  Back to the story.

I turned on the Pandora Country Christmas station and Tuck and I let the Spirit move us while we worked.

DSC_0185 copyDSC_0192 copySaturday night a storm made it’s way to our little part of Kansas leaving a skiff of sleety, slick stuff on the ground Sunday morning and continuing to “spit” throughout the day.

I made the executive decision that we wouldn’t venture out to church, but would stay home and snuggle instead.

12-8-13 aIt was a great morning.  Cozy, lazy and relaxed.  I don’t get many of those in this house.

DSC_0209 copyI declared it a movie morning.  Thankfully, we still had Home Alone saved on the DVR from last year.  The kids were glued.

12-8-13 bMacy wasn’t terribly thrilled with the weather either.  We’ve discovered that she has severe skin allergies which make her itch.  When we got her she had extremely thin hair due to her constant scratching.  With that in mind, I don’t let her stay outside for long periods of time during this cold snap while her hair is growing back in.  She kept giving me the “stink eye” and BEGGING to go out.

Tuck and I had only one commitment that we’d planned on for the day.

His 4-H club puts together fruit bags for the residents of a housing unit in our community.  The kids deliver the bags and then we all carol.

DSC_0222 copyDSC_0220 copyWhat a great time.  It was FREEZING, but fun.  It was something new for Tucker.  He’d never been caroling before and hadn’t been a part of a service project like that either.  He loved it.

We got home and I spent some good quality time with Monkey.

12-8-13 cShe so fun to chat with right now.  She has so much to say and such INTERESTING things to talk about.

With all of this time inside I had lots of Pinterest exposure.  I made three recipes yesterday afternoon.  Christmas candy, Popover Pizza and a new quinoa recipe (that wasn’t much different from what I already do…).

popover upside down pizza recipe shoebox copyI highly suggest the popover pizza recipe!  Everyone loved it.  Tucker wants ALL of the leftovers for school.  It was good.  I tried to behave myself and stuck with a quinoa recipe.

Big sigh.

I’m really glad I’m back to work tomorrow.  Simply too much time in these four walls.

How was your weekend?




Peace, love and contentment!!!


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