A Tale of Two Biscuits

Saturday was one of those days that was SO bitterly cold outside that no one wanted to go anywhere or do anything.  Grady did a little hunting first thing in the morning, but the rest of the day was spent being lazy on the couch.

To break up the boredom we invited Grady’s dad and second mom, Jackie, over for supper and cards.  I knew soup would be on the menu, but I wanted something more to go with it.  The weather is cold and cold weather ALWAYS makes me want to cook.  All.  Day.


I wanted some bread.

Biscuits to be exact.

I wanted biscuits.

I LOVE biscuits.

Who doesn’t love a biscuit?  Is there such a person?

When it comes to quick breads Grady and I have a difference of opinion.  I like mine a little on the sweet side.  I like my biscuits to have a bit of sugar in them.  I feel the same way about my cornbread.  Sweet.  It must be sweet.  Grady, on the other hand, likes his to be savory.  No sugar in either.

Since I was making the soup AND going completely above and beyond with the most ridiculous chocolate bundt cake you could imagine, I put him in charge of the biscuit making.  I wasn’t going to worry about the sugar debate this time.

He’s actually fairly handy in the kitchen and tends to lean on the imaginative and creative side when it comes to finding recipes.  With his task underway he dug out our cookbooks with a mission to find a cheddar biscuit recipe.  He found a few and settled on one that was in a Southern Living cookbook that we rarely use.

It’s Southern Living so the recipes should be legit right?

One would think so.

I didn’t really approve the recipe before he started putting it all together.  When he pulled out the tub of margarine and started measuring a full CUP of it into the bowl (first) I raised my eyebrows a bit.  I, typically, use butter and it, typically, goes in AFTER the dry ingredients….Then when he said he had to whip it (the margarine) until it was smooth I raised my other eyebrow.  Then when he said the only thing he needed to add was the cheese, flour and LEMON JUICE I really started to question this.  There was NO leavening agent in this recipe.  I started to laugh and question what the heck he was doing.  He looked at me and laughed with me and told me that he didn’t really READ the recipe before he started.  He just made sure that we had all the ingredients.

I just shook my head.

He got all the stuff mixed together and then read further into the recipe only to discover that he had to now beat the dough with the mixer for TWENTY MINUTES!!!

What?!?!  I just knew these were going to be the toughest things on earth.  We were both laughing.  When it was all said and done this “biscuit” dough looked more like Pla-Doh.  We rolled little balls of it onto the baking sheet and then flattened them to kind of resemble the shape of a biscuit.

We have always loved to cook with Grady’s dad and Jackie.  So… when they showed up the razzing began.  Jackie kept giving Grady a hard time about these flat things in the oven.

We served up the soup and gave the biscuits a try.  In all honesty, they didn’t taste that bad.  They were certainly buttery-ish, and cheesy and a bit spicy.  They were…. okay.

The next morning I had an email from Jackie with a pin from Pinterest.  The message said, “This is for Grady.  LOL!”  The pin was for a biscuit recipe called “Mile High Biscuits“.  I couldn’t help laughing.  Her teasing continued.

With enough soup left over for our lunch I set out to make these Mile High Biscuits.  They were right up Grady’s alley containing NO sugar and a FULL tablespoon of baking powder to make them big and fluffy.

BiscuitsI think it’s safe to say that there just isn’t any comparison.  The Mile High Biscuits WON!!  Oh, my, they were so light and fluffy and a little crispy on the tops and bottoms.  Even though they weren’t sweet like I typically like them I think I’ll be making these again.

And that, my friends, is a tale of two biscuits.

Peace, love and leaving agents!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Biscuits

  1. Looks like you ran into a recipe for what southerners often refer to as “cheese straws.” Fantastically cheesy and crunchy and yummy in their own way, but definitely not a fluffy biscuit! Glad to hear the second recipe worked out better for you 🙂

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