Is There a Full Moon?????

Last night my house was full of “crazy” behavior.

Okay, so it’s always a little crazy inside these four walls, but this was just above and beyond.

I’m going to blame it on the unseasonably warm weather AND the approaching full moon.  I like to blame the moon.  It’s ALWAYS the moon’s fault.

It started with this.

EllaSomeone found Daddy’s razor in the bathroom and thought it’d be fun to try to shave like Daddy.  It didn’t turn out so well for her.  The band-aid was actually a must.  The darn thing wouldn’t stop bleeding.  …and it made her feel better.

Shortly thereafter, this was the scene.

GradyAs I explained to my Instagram and Facebook friends…  See the light switch on the wall?  See the man in the chair trying to THROW the tissue box at it?  Yes, that really happened.  He wanted to read the local rural directory and needed more light, but didn’t want to get the dog off his lap or get UP to do it.  In all fairness, he DID ask me to turn the light on for him after a few failed attempts using other methods of madness to achieve his goal.  I told him it was more entertaining to watch his shenanigans and remained on the couch folding the laundry.  It was quite humorous.  And for clarification… the tissue box didn’t work.  He still had to get up to turn it on.

Then the noise level escalated to squeals, screams and laughter as this happened.

Tuck 1Tuck 2Playing airplane with a 2-year-old is one thing, but airplane with a 7-year-old borders on ridiculous.  Tuck has a huge fear of heights and falling so his father holding him hostage in the air for a prolonged period of time was sending him over the edge.  He couldn’t decide if he was having fun or if he was scared to death which resulted in screams followed by lots of nervous laughter.

Thankfully, bedtime was only 10 minutes after the airplane rides ceased.  This momma was worn out from all the CRAZY behavior.

I’m kind of nervous to see what happens tomorrow.


Peace, love and insanity!!!!


One thought on “Is There a Full Moon?????

  1. Oh no and such a sad face too! Poor little thing! I caught your tissue box been thrown toward the light switch on IG. I can totally see why you’d be worn out. I hope you’re having a peaceful day!


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