DSC_0290 copyMy baby girl turned THREE Saturday!!!

Where has the time gone?

We had large plans of a fun evening with friends and family at the local rec center pool.  What better way to celebrate a winter birthday than with splashing and swimming at an indoor pool?  The kids were so excited.

And then at 12:00 am Saturday morning little feet came into my room to tell me that she had thrown up.

sick ellaWhat a crummy way to spend your birthday.  The swim party had to be cancelled.  Three-year-olds don’t understand that when they’re sick plans have to get cancelled.  They don’t understand that birthday parties don’t get to happen.  She asked all day long when she got to have her swim party.  I felt awful telling her that we didn’t get to do it.

And…as, with most small children, she bounced back from being sick extremely quickly.  Aside from the 4 1/2 hour nap she took and minimal appetite, one would have never known she had been sick through the night.

With the pool booked through the end of the month we had to come up with a plan B.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday so we opted for a late afternoon bonfire and chili dog feed with the family and friends that could make it.

bday cousinsIt’s so much fun to play in the sandbox with your cousins in the middle of January with only a jacket on.

WHO GETS TO DO THAT????  …in January.

DSC_0307 copyDaddy’s truck served as a temporary wind break while the adults enjoyed the fire and good chatter.

DSC_0304 copyEven Jess bundled up and to enjoyed the afternoon with his people.

Everyone feasted and the girl couldn’t wait any long to open her presents.

Who could blame her?


DSC_0317Lots of Barbie stuff.

DSC_0319…and a new cradle for her baby!!!

I love that cheesy smile.  It gets me every time!

DSC_0328I made the insane chocolate bundt cake again.

This time with sprinkles.

Everyone has to have sprinkles for their birthday.  Right?

DSC_0320DSC_0325DSC_0327Licking the frosting off the candles is a very important job.

bday cakeLet them eat cake!!

There is just something about her face in this picture that cracks me up.  This girl has so much character in her expressions.  She can say a million things in silence.

So, even though the birthday didn’t go as planned it’s safe to say that she was surrounded by lots of love and laughter to celebrate her day.  (just a little late)



Peace, love and birthdays!!!


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