Mr. Ambassador

Our elementary school is pretty darned fantastic.

This year a new program was implemented that focuses the method of education on project based learning.  In a nutshell, our teachers try to educate our kiddos with hands-on learning rather than solely from a textbook.  It’s pretty incredible.  One of the biggest parts of this program is our Outdoor Learning Center.  Our school is home to two bucket calves, three sheep, a handful of chickens, a greenhouse and a recycling program.  In the morning, before our first class we gather into Family Groups.  Each teacher has a group of children of all age ranges.  Siblings are kept in the same family group.  It’s an amazing way for all the kids to come together and get to know each other.  It’s a fantastic way for the little ones to feel more comfortable in their new school. Family groups can do any assortment of activities during their time together.  We like to implement exercise and mind strengthening exercises in this time. …and each family group takes turns doing the daily animal, greenhouse and recycling chores.  EVERY-one is involved.

As we’ve taken on this new program we’ve had lots of interest from local citizens, outside communities and our local and state government officials.  We have SO many visitors!!!  It’s wonderful!  Throughout this process the administrators and staff decided that there would be no better educators of our program to the public than the children who are involved in this day in and day out.  It was decided that students interested in being “Ambassadors” would fill out an application and undergo an interview process.  The applications were open to all kids, kindergarten through sixth grade.

As soon as I found out about it I knew I wanted Tucker to at least fill out the application.  What a great opportunity for him.  He and I talked about it. We talked about what the responsibility would be and what would be expected of him.  I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about it.  To my surprise he was on board.

He was one of 23 students who applied for the position.  Only 15 would be chosen.

The 23 were prepped for what the interview would be like.  They all went home with a packet of information about the questions they’d be asked and the things they’d be required to know.

Tucker’s interview was to be the day he went back to school after having the stomach bug.  I was a little worried about how prepared he’d really be.  He was in no shape to practice the weekend before.  Fortunately, Tuesday he felt good enough to talk seriously about it.

Trying to explain the correct process of explaining things (beginning to end and with an order) to a second grader is a challenge.  Seven-year-olds like to share EVERYTHING including the minor details that are in NO way relevant to the story.  I drilled him for as long as I could without being too overbearing.  I just had to let it go and trust that he would do his best and that the interviewer would keep in mind that he’s only seven.

Friday was the big day.  Friday the kids got THE envelope.  Tuck was anxious to open it.  He couldn’t wait.  We had to open it before we left the school.

DSC_0338 copyHe got it!!!!!

DSC_0332 copyI couldn’t be more proud of this guy!

I can only see wonderful things in this opportunity for him.  I can’t WAIT to hear about his first tour guide experience!!

Peace, love and future leaders!!!


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