Cut It Out

I was REALLY naughty during the holiday season and paid the price.  Although I didn’t go extremely overboard and did restrain myself “somewhat”, I packed on about 8 extra pounds!!!


I said EIGHT!!!

It’s rough stuff staying home for two weeks with the kids and having every sweet thing you’d ever desire at your beck and call.  Resisting temptation was NOT something I was good at.

As soon as Christmas was over I got myself back on track with what my body was accustomed to.  Lots of veggies, LEAN meats and minimal sweets.  My body was MUCH happier.  I just FELT better.

But… the weight wasn’t coming off.  I kept hanging out at that crummy number and it seemed that nothing I was doing was working.  I tried to be patient, but after about a month of the reduced calorie diet and no results I knew something else was going on.

I knew my water retention was bad.  EVERY morning I woke up with swollen fingers and feet.  I took my daily water pills.  I’d drink my 12 glasses of water throughout the day and make my million trips to the bathroom, but there wasn’t any change.  Something was different.

In the back of my mind I knew it had to be something in my diet.  Something I was consuming was messing up this fine balance.

Somewhere back there a little voice kept whispering to me, “What if it’s your Splenda?”

splendaI put it in my morning coffee and oatmeal.  I don’t consume great quantities of it, but I do use it.

I have NO idea where that idea came from, but I finally listened to that voice and did a little research.

Sure enough, there were multiple articles linking artificial sweetners to water retention and a BOATLOAD of other adverse side effects.

As of Sunday morning I am no longer an artificial sweetner user.  I’m back to the real deal, but in small quantities.  I still have a small amount of swelling in the morning, but the scale is going down like it should be.  The water is coming off.

Now, I’m not saying that artificial sweetners are the WORST thing your could put in your body.  They’re wonderful for people who can’t consume sugar and I’m sure there are plenty of people that they don’t effect, but…  Friends, if you’re experiencing something like this take a look at EVERYTHING you’re consuming.  The culprit could be the smallest little factor, but could have a HUGE impact on your body.

Peace, love and awareness!!!!


4 thoughts on “Cut It Out

  1. Hi there! I like your blog 🙂 Are you drinking enough water? Our bodies will hang on to water if we’re not taking in enough. I recently started a weight loss program where I’m required to drink 80-100 oz. of water per day. I really notice an improvement in water retention. Hope yours continues to improve. 🙂

  2. I really needed to hear this today. I also use Splenda and have been feeling bloated almost. I have been watching what I eat (for the most part) and I still wake up feeling crappy. I will try switching to the real sugar and see if this helps.

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