24 Hours

DSC_0368 copyYesterday morning broke with a most beautiful sunrise. 

All was calm.

It was the perfect beginning to a Monday morning.

The sun shone brightly on what remained of the sleet that had blanketed the ground a few days before.

The skies were clear all day.  It was glorious.

But… the weatherman had been warning of us of “impending doom”.  Most of our part of Kansas was supposed to get DUMPED on.

Six to nine inches was the projected forecast.

NINE inches!


This is what we were blessed with this morning.

DSC_0004 copyDSC_0007 copyDSC_0003 copyThis was around 8:30 this morning and it’s not even close to being over.

I’ve shoveled a path on the deck for the weenie dog at least three times already.

I even had to brush off the satellite dish for the internet.

Hey!  That’s a priority.  Right?

Am I the only person out there who kind of digs shoveling snow?

It’s peaceful.

Not to mention, it’s an awesome workout.

…and it gets me OUT of the house.

The only downer to this weather is that the kids get bored and stir crazy.  We’ve already busted out the art tub, magazines for cutting up and word search pages. 

We’re only halfway through the day.

It makes it hard on a momma who grounded her son from his ipod for two weeks.  I may have to break and let him have it.

Please don’t judge me.

The worst part….  I’m trying VERY hard to resist making a big batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I’ve been so good and this weather makes me want to BAKE things.  I’m trying to be strong.



Peace, love and snow days!!!


3 thoughts on “24 Hours

  1. What lovely pictures! It sounds like a very nice snow day–especially the art tub. I actually enjoy shoveling, too. I’m like a kid when it comes to snow–I don’t play neatly. I always come in soaking wet from the snow. Enjoy your day!

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