Watch Out Broadway

Three is proving to be quite an interesting age for Miss Monkey.  She’s ALWAYS had personality, but in recent weeks her unique qualities seem to have EXPLODED all over the place!

Last week I came home from work to find everyone outside playing.

Typical.  Nothing out of the norm.

I walked in the house with Ella following me, grubby faced and covered in dirt, like any good tomboy would be.

“Mommy, I want to be a “pincess”.”

“Alright, Sis.  You go for it.”

…and away she marched into her room to get into her tub of dress up clothes.

Typical.  Nothing out of the norm.

…and out she walked.

DSC_0066 copyShe is very much into being a DIVA.  The hand-me-down high heels from Mommy have been an obsession since last week.  The dress and veil have always been her favorites, but the SINGING at the top of her lungs that accompanies this get up takes the cake.

Broadway better watch out because they have an up and coming Carol Burnett on her way to the stage.

DSC_0063 copyI can’t even begin to tell you what she was singing because none of it was decipherable.

DSC_0073 copyShe spun and twirled and pranced and SANG and spun and twirled and pranced some more.

DSC_0078 copyHer daddy roared with laughter at the show we were being graced with.  I was trying very hard to keep it together in order to snap away without distracting the production.

DSC_0070 copy…and when the show was done it was time for her photo ops.

“CHEEEEEEESE!!!!!!”, she says.

Oh, Ella, my love.  I have NO idea what kept us so entertained before she came along.  The laughter and smiles are endless when this girl is around.

Pure entertainment!


Peace, love and productions!!!!



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