Date Night

Saturday night Grady and I FINALLY got the chance to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

We got kind of wild….

Dinner, a drink at a friend’s bar and then a trip to WAL-MART!!!!

I know.

We got CRAZY!

We ate supper at a tiny, dive Mexican restaurant that my co-workers have been telling me about.  Authentic Mexican food, dirt cheap and out of this world, they tell me.

Date Night 1Grady order the “medium” burrito.  (Note: there isn’t a “small” on the menu, just medium and large….)  The “medium” was as big as his forearm!

I ordered this thing.

Date Night 9It’s called a Sope. It’s a masa cake with beans, meat (I chose chicken), lettuce, tomato, onion and queso fresco piled on top.  I added tons of their yummy homemade salsa on top.  It was incredible!

I love the simplicity of authentic Mexican food.  Just a few basic ingredients, prepared just the right way can become the most phenomenal meals.

Date Night 2The hungry cowboy couldn’t make it through the whole burrito.  He had to stop.  Actually, he told me that he could have eaten the whole thing, but he would have been waddling out of the restaurant.

As we left, a lady at another table actually ordered the LARGE version, smothered in cheese sauce.  We giggled as we walked by and Grady gave her a hard time about his doubt in her ability to conquer her plate.  (Who NEEDS that much burrito…????)

We ventured down the street for a margarita since the dive didn’t serve alcohol.  Mexican food without a margarita on date night is just not right.  We enjoyed our drink, saw a few friends from home, had a few good laughs and decided we should continue on with our excitement.

Date Night 3Yes, we went to the WAL-MART.

We had to.  We needed a few things.  We needed a few things the kids couldn’t be present in purchasing. (ahem… Easter…. stuff…)

Grady ALWAYS finds this most ANNOYING aisle.

The clearance aisle.

This place puts my mind in a frenzy with all its chaos, but it’s his dream come true.  UGH!  When I posted this picture on Instagram a friend commented that it looked like it could swallow him.

AMEN to that!

Date Night 4This is the kind of ridiculousness that appears in the clearance aisle.  Who REALLY needs one of these things?  Obviously, not too many because there was a PILE of them on sale.

Date Night 5…and this stuff?  Would you cover YOUR salad in something that looked like Pepto Bismol?  I just don’t think I could do it, and I LOVE garlic.


Date Night 6I had to convince Grady that we didn’t need an entire gallon of ranch dressing.  He likes the stuff, but I’m not going to encourage his addiction by buying a gallon of the stuff.

Date Night 7These, on the other hand, really intrigued us.


Date Night 8So, we bought the little can of this version.

They’re pretty tasty.  Sweet and spicy.  Interesting.

…and that folks, is how we celebrated ten years of marriage.  Not exciting to many, but we enjoyed a few good laughs.  Some at each other’s expense, but good fun, regardless.



Peace, love and wild nights!!!


2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Looks like my kinda night! I LOVE Mexican food! Although, I’d substitute Walmart with Target. Our Walmart is in a rough area. That pink stuff looks disgusting! Congratulations on 10 years of marriage. I wish you many, many more. 🙂

  2. Yes that pink stuff is famous at a pizza place in KC maybe other places too, not a fan. Congratulations! You will have many more years together because you have fun no matter what you are doing! 🙂

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