The Bunny

I don’t know about you, but we had a VERY busy Easter weekend.  The weather was absolutely beautiful!  A little windy, but perfect.

I have lots of things to share about it, but spare time hasn’t been on my side this week.  I’ll have to give you bits and pieces.

Saturday morning started with egg coloring.

Easter 2014 1These two were SO excited!

I don’t know why I always dread the coloring.  I always foresee spilled dye, eggs coming out the wazoo and overall chaos.  The reality is that we may have a few stained fingers and minor splashes on the table, but my kids are fairly tidy and dying 18 eggs goes by quickly.

Easter 2014 3Personally, I LOVE Easter eggs!  Their colors just make me happy!!!  How can they possibly NOT put a smile on your face?

I always buy two dying kits just so we can have insanely intense colors.

After the egg dying we headed into town to participate in our local community Easter egg hunt in the park.  We’ve never gone before so this was a first.

They both made out like bandits and the Monkey was VERY intrigued by “The Bunny”.  Of course I needed a picture of the kids with the rabbit and of course the Monkey was having NO part of it.  Finally, Daddy had to scoop her up and join in the picture.

…and this was the result.

Easter 2014 2Terror.

Notice her desperately CLINGING to Daddy’s shirt as he leans in to get her closer…???


She was DETERMINED to get as far from him as possible.

I will admit that the bunny mask is a little on the scary side, but what costume isn’t?  Sadly, the kid in the suit is one of the NICEST kids in town.  I’m just glad the Monkey didn’t know who it was.  I wouldn’t want her to be afraid of him.

The funny part of the story….

All weekend she told us (and EVERYONE else she saw), “Dat bunny, hims scarwee!  Hims need to pull hims pants up!”

(Evidently, her daddy leaned into Mr. Bunny and told him his pants were falling down.  I’m sure Grady was just joking around with Mr. Bunny kid, but the Monkey latched on to that and repeated it to EVERYONE.)

Kills me every time she says it.

…and that, my friends, is installment 1 of the Easter weekend happenings.  I hope to find time to share the rest with you in the next few days.



Peace, love and Bunny tracks!




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