Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

We had a quiet day to celebrate Father’s Day. We needed it.

Grady took the boys fishing for a
while. Monkey and I stayed home. She played princesses and babies while I cleaned and prepped for supper and the upcoming week.

It was nice.

The ONLY thing I really wanted out of the day was to get a picture of Grady with the kids.

After supper was over, dishes cleared, the kitchen cleaned and everyone playing on the deck, I got my moment.

I think it turned out well.

Father's Day

…but that wasn’t the BEST one.

Of course you can’t take just one picture and it be the PERFECT shot. Oh, no. It usually requires three or four takes.

Tucker was doing some weird thing with his mouth so I said, “Give me a GOOD smile. Show me your teeth…!!!”

…and this is what I got.

Perfection from the boys.

Crazy girl

…and some serious CRAZY from Monkey! (…she DID show me her teeth…)

I could NOT stop laughing! As bad as I wanted to post that picture to my Instagram and Facebook feed last night, I knew I wanted to save it for a blog post.

I just hope I can find this picture again in 15 years when she graduates high school. She’s going to hate me… Lol!

Peace, love and crazy eyes!!!!


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