Zucchini Tots and Other Deliciousness!!!

My house EXPLODED with crazy good food last night!

I posted on Facebook earlier in the week that I wanted to try a new recipe for zucchini tots courtesy of Gina of Skinnytaste.com.

Just as luck would have it our garden gave us two beautifully perfect zuchinni yesterday.


Zucchini TotsThey were delicious!  The best part was that Tucker LOVED them!  Yes, you heard me right.  My “hates-anything-green-except-green beans” vegetable detesting child LOVED these!!!  After he tried it, and raved over it, I told him what was in them and he STILL said they were awesome.  My friends, if THIS child will eat these than I think ANY vegetable hater would like these.

As if this wasn’t enough fabulousness…

The basis for this whole meal was a recipe for Crock Pot Brown Sugar and Roasted Garlic Pulled Pot Roast.

photo courtesy of howsweeteats.com

photo courtesy of howsweeteats.com

Another BIG hit with the family.  It has TWO heads of roasted garlic in it.  How could it NOT be good?!  Give this one a try.  It’s perfect for a day that’s just too hot to turn the oven on.  (I will tell you that this dish is NOT low-calorie friendly.)

…and then there was my supper.

I picked up a bag of kale over the weekend and have been LOVING my chopped kale and spinach salads.  This is my new favorite way to eat salad.  I love the textures.  I love the flavor.  I love the health benefits. Kale Salad

This salad is the powerhouse of nutirition!  Kale has more vitamin A and C in one serving than you need in a full day!!  Add to that the spinach, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, and egg and you have a plate packing a protein, fiber and vitamin PUNCH!  You can’t help but feel good after eating this.

So… there you have it.  What a great food day!  Nothing boring.  Everything new and E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G good for you!


Peace, love and foodie ventures!!



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