30-Day Challenges

I’m really NOT one to like working out.  I never have been.  I’ve reluctantly taken part, but have NEVER been one to enjoy it.  For a while now, I’ve been noticing friends posting about random 30-day fitness challenges.  I didn’t give them too much thought.  Not much thought at all, until it was time to start wearing shorts, that is.

I’ve never really liked my legs.  They’ve never been very toned or muscular.  …and now that I’ve hit the LATE 30-somethings, I’m really noticing some not-so-lovely features to the tone of my legs.  Soooo… after seeing a radio celeb, Miss Kellie Rasberry of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, post repeated about the 30-day squat challenge she was doing, I thought… I can DO this.

30-day-squat-challengeHere’s the challenge I’m doing.  Yesterday was Day 6….NINETY of these suckers!!!!  I did it!  I wasn’t sure I could do 75 on Day 3.  My legs were in so much pain after Day 2, I thought there was NO WAY I would ever be able to finish this thing.  I powered through the pain each time.  I started last Tuesday and I was walking like a crazy person until Saturday.  I really thought it’d take a few weeks for  my legs to adjust to the insanity I was putting them through, but I have to say that while doing the actual exercises is painful, I’m no longer in any pain throughout the following day.  I follow it up with lots of stretching and plenty of water.  I’m really excited to see if I have any noticeable results by Day 30.  I will say that even after a mere week, I feel stronger.

I was sharing my amusing pain stories with my girlfriend and fellow Foodie, Jennifer, at work.  We laughed at how ridiculous I felt for my funny “pain walk” and shared different ways of doing the squats.  She asked me yesterday morning how my challenge was going.  I shared my good thoughts and she proceeded to ask me if I wanted to do a 30-day ab challenge with her.  She’s kind of like me, if it’s proposed as a “challenge” rather than just exercise we’re more inclined to take part.  It’s our way of tricking ourselves into getting the job done.

So, I said SURE!  Why not?  My legs weren’t in any major pain any longer, I could torture another body part.  She asked if I wanted to start that day or wait until my squat challenge was over.  “Let’s do it!”, was my response.  She found our challenge.

30-day-ab-challenge-chartI have to admit that the squat challenge is going to be so much easier than this one.  My legs have always been stronger than my abs and I REALLY don’t like sit ups.

…but I got Day 1 whipped!  I think I’m going to be in some serious pain after Day 2 and even Day 3, but just like my legs, I think my abs will adjust and I’ll be on the road to a leaner mid-section.

When I’m done with this one, I think I’m going to try a planking challenge.  Unlike sit ups, I really like planking.  It’s a crazy good burn.

Do you want to do a challenge with us?

Come on.

I know you’re up for it!

I’m a pretty good cheerleader!!!



Peace, love and sexy legs!!!!



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