DSC_0156 copyThis big, sorrel guy has played a HUGE part of our summer.  Not only did he, successfully, help teach Tucker his way around the pasture and cattle, he shared another “first” with his “human”.

This was Tucker’s first year in 4-H.  To keep it simple we enrolled in the horse project and leather project.  Both were things I did in my own years in the program and were projects that would be comfortable for him.  When we started this whole journey the plan was to use Daddy’s horse, Wimpy.  We had several practices with Wimpy.  Tuck was learning the ins and outs of showmanship and showing his horse at halter.  During his time with Nana and Papa he would practice with HIS trusted steed, Reggie.  The week before the fair arrived and Nana and Papa told us that they thought Tuck would be more comfortable showing Reggie than Wimpy.  It made perfect sense.  These two had been together 3 days a week for several months.  They were practically inseparable.

DSC_0157 copyShow day arrived and while I pushed hard for accuracy and as much “perfection” as I could get from a first year eight-year-old, more than anything I wanted him to have fun and do his best.

DSC_0160 copyTo merely say that I was pleased with their performance would be an understatement.  Don’t get me wrong, they both have LOTS to learn and milestones to reach before I would ever anticipate awards to be won for showmanship.  …but, I was very proud of Tucker.  He kept his calm when Reggie wasn’t cooperating in the arena.  He was confident and well poised and most important, REMEMBERED the pattern.  He was cool as a cucumber even though I know he was a ball of nerves on the inside.  He walked out of the arena with a goal reached.

Then it was time for the Aged Gelding class.  This is a class in which the judge “grades” the horses in the class and their build/muscular makeup and places them according to his/her liking.  We had no expectations.  All we wanted was for Tuck to gain a little more experience.

To our surprise and his Papa’s great delight this was the result.

DSC_0187 copyTuck and Reggie WON his class!!!!  We knew Reggie was a champ in our own hearts, but we were overjoyed when we found out the judge thought so, too.

DSC_0194 copyTo say that this boy’s heart and pride were a little swollen that evening would be an understatement.  I’m pretty certain they were bursting at the seams!

Tuck isn’t the only one who has gotten a few firsts with Mr. Reggie.

DSC_0240 copy 2Monkey got to have her very first “big girl” ride last weekend.  “Big girl/kid” riding equals riding solo in the saddle with Mommy or Daddy (or some appointed adult) in control of the reins/lead rope.  It’s the way all youngsters of this age learn to ride.

She proved, again, to be my fearless girl.

Daddy&EllaThe deep belly giggles from her were priceless.  Her daddy’s heart melted taking this first ride with her.  Her mommy’s heart bubbled over watching and taking it all in.

Without a doubt, Reggie has found his place with these kiddos.  He will be greatly loved as he greatly loves these two and carries them through many more adventures.



Peace, love and trophies!!!!!



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